Posted by Sarah Lamarche • 6/27/19 9:42 AM

Happy summer 2019 everyone! (At least those of us in the northern hemisphere) We've posted some new things you may be interested in: 

  • Emme 4.4 Beta - Emme Scenes + lots more!
  • Learning resources - Emme Scripting
  • Community Forums activity

Note: You'll need active software maintenance or an INRO login to access the links in this post.

Emme 4.4 beta

We've released the latest version of Emme 4.4 Beta, which includes many new features and enhancements but also Emme Scenes, a new 3D, interactive and animated mapping studio for your travel models.
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Emme 4.4 Beta 3

Emme 4.4 beta

So many of you have been asking for materials to learn Python scripting with Emme that we've posted all the course materials from our recently re-vamped Emme scripting class! Now you can view the lessons online or follow along on your own time, even without booking instructor-led training.

Scripting Notebook Lessons

Lesson 0: Python Basics
Lesson 1: Modeller API - Running Tools and Workflows
Lesson 2: Network API - Read, Write and Process Network Data
Lesson 3: Read, Write and Process Matrix Data
Lesson 4: Desktop API - Automate Charts and Reports

Emme 4.4 beta

Any user with an up-to-date software maintenance agreement (SMA) can now visit the forums here, by logging in with your existing INRO account. If you are not sure what your login is or if you think you are not seeing the right content, please contact us. Then you can customize notification preferences on your profile once there.

Here are some recent tips & tricks you may be missing

How to set up media for the Network Editor (and other worksheets!)
Save time by automating repetitive plots for your reports
Trip Distribution for Empty TNC Trips

Stay tuned for more to come later this summer!